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   XM Workstation cranes are used over manufacturing cells or larger areas for material handling. 
   The XM Workstation cranes are designed to be ergonomical and ideally suited for productive material handling. 
   The XM Workstation Cranes are ideally suited for single workstation use and excellent when expanded into an integrated, factory wide material handling solution. 
   The crane can be motorized in larger applications. 
   Stepless speed control will make operation easier. 

 Ceiling Supported Solutions

 XMS single girder cranes for loads up to 1600 kg

  • Large working area coverage 
  • Savings due to strong XM profiles enabling long suspension distances 
  • Minimized loading to the building thanks to light construction of the system - Lower installation costs thanks to easy installation 
  • Smooth and ergonomic handling due to enclosed XM profile structure 


XMD double girder cranes for loads up to 2000kg

  • Easy to tailor for different application requirements due to modular system with a wide range of profiles and suspension components 
  • Easy to use hand operated travelling 
  • Motorized travelling for heavier loads and long spans 
  • Economical and easy to install cable or external Koneductor power supply 
  • Low construction height for maximising the available space 

Free Standing Solutions 

  • Workstation cranes with good working area coverage 
  • Easy to locate as well as relocate in areas with other cranes running above 
  • Loads up to 2000 kg 
  • Based on XM profiles resulting in smooth and easy movements 


Monorail Solutions 

    - Flexible solutions for transportation of material between work units 
    - Wide variety of available components including straight profiles, curves, turntables and switches 
    - Easy to install, extendand modify thanks to the modularity of the XM profiles and components 
    - Economical and easy to install flat cable or external Konecductor power supply systems for loads up to 2000 kg 

    Solutions for loads up to 2 ton 

    - Wall and pillar mounted cranes 
    - Jib with XM workstation crane profile for most easy movement. Over braced construction. 
    - Over braced I-beam jibcranes 
    - Under braced I-beam jibcranes to maximise lifting height 
    - Manual rotation 180 degrees (wall jib cranes) or 270 degrees (pillar jib cranes) 
    - Push or motorised trolley movement 
    - Equipped with XN electric chain hoist or manual chain block .

    Solutions for loads upto 20 ton 

     - Wall and pillar mounted cranes 
     - Based on I-beam construction 
     - Over or under braced construction 
     - Manual or motorised rotation for wall jib cranes 180 degrees, for pillar jib  cranes 270or 360 degrees 
     - Motorised trolley movement 
     - Equipped with CXTor XL electric wire rope hoist